exception tango.common.exceptions.TangoError[source]#

Base class for Tango exceptions.

exception tango.common.exceptions.CancellationError[source]#

Base class for errors raised due to manual cancellation of a run or step.

exception tango.common.exceptions.CliRunError[source]#

Raised when tango run command fails.

exception tango.common.exceptions.ConfigurationError(message)[source]#

The exception raised when a Tango object fails to initialize from a config that’s misconfigured (e.g. missing properties, invalid properties, unknown properties).

exception tango.common.exceptions.DirtyRepoError[source]#

Raised when a repository is in a dirty state.

exception tango.common.exceptions.ExecutorError[source]#

A base class for executor-specific errors.

exception tango.common.exceptions.IntegrationMissingError(integration, dependencies=None)[source]#

Raised when an integration can’t be used due to missing dependencies.

exception tango.common.exceptions.RegistryKeyError(message)[source]#

A configuration error that is raised when attempting to get a class by a registered name that doesn’t exist in the registry.

exception tango.common.exceptions.RunCancelled[source]#
exception tango.common.exceptions.SigTermReceived[source]#

Raised when a SIGTERM is caught.

exception tango.common.exceptions.StepCancelled[source]#
exception tango.common.exceptions.StepStateError(step, step_state, context=None)[source]#

Raised when a step is in an unexpected state.